Ice Pad Gel Cushion

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Sit Without Any Pain with the Ice Pad Gel Cushion

Size: 38x30cm

• Relieves Pain - The pain of sitting can take the joy out of family occasions and recreation, and also make it difficult to concentrate while working or driving. The ice pad gel cushion allows you to sit in cool comfort without pain, so you can enjoy your favorite recreational activities and concentrate while you work or drive.

• Extremely Soft - The unique honeycomb design enables you to sit in perfect alignment. It's so soft you can place an egg on the cushion and sit on it without the egg cracking.

• Conforms to Fit You - The nonslip gel cushion conforms to fit your body ensuring your comfort.

• Use Indoors or Outdoors - The orthopedic cushion is delicate enough that you can use it on your finest furniture yet durable enough to use outdoors.

• Portable - The ice pad gel cushion rolls up for easy transport. You can use it at home, in the car, at work, and even at sporting events or concerts. Never be uncomfortable again.