Bluetooth Waterproof Earphones

Save 71%

Tired of your headphone wires getting tangled? Do you your headphones break cause you sweat too much? This Sleek, Bluetooth, Waterproof Earbud Set is the solution to all your headphone problems  

The Bluetooth Waterproof Earbud Set is perfect for any occasion whether you are going for a run, making an important business call, or just want to relax and enjoy some music. For all features click here to Learn more... but some key features are : 

  • Mini Size, only 5.4g, invisible and lightweight.
  • Waterproof,Sweat-proof, and anti-Dropping Design
  • Operating range: about 10m/32.81ft 
  • Rubidium Magnet Units
  • Carbon Fiber Vibrating Diaphragm