Microwave French Fries Cutter and Baker

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Microwavable French Fries Cutter and Baker is the fast, easy way to make crispy restaurant-quality french fries...just using the MICROWAVE. This requires no grease and you can have hot, delicious, crispy fries in minutes.

This product slices your potatoes into perfect sizes. Choose between steak-size thick or restaurant-thin potatoes. After the potatoes are sliced, you can simply pop it straight into the microwave, and you will have perfect french fries in a few minutes. 

* Dishwasher safe *



How to Use Microwave French Fries Cutter and Baker

  • Place potato on top of blade
  • Push down to slice perfect sized fries
  • Pop the Microwave French Fries Cutter and Baker Cup straight into the microwave
  • Enjoy fresh, crispy, grease-free french fries!