The Ultimate Prank Box

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Each Ultimate Prank Kit comes with the following:
  • (1) RATTLE SNAKE EGGS -A loud sound as you open this will startle anyone!
  • (1) NAIL THROUGH FINGER -Slip this on your finger and watch everyone panic
  • (1) DISAPPEARING INK -Squirt this on a shirt, watch it disappear in minutes
  • (1) SQUIRT RING -Fill with water and squirt your friend when you show them your brand new ring
  • (2) FAKE LOTTO TICKETS -Looks like a ordinary scratch ticket that you buy except every ticket is a winner
  • (1) SHOCK PEN -Next time someone asks to borrow a pen, pass them this one for a shocking surprise
  • (1) FAKE DOG POOP- Place this realistic poop anywhere to get a funny reaction
  • (1) 3" WHOOPEE CUSHION- Makes fart noises
  • (1) CAR SCRATCH -Stick this sticker on a friend's car and they will think their car has been keyed
  • (1) SHOCK GUM -Tired of people asking you for a piece of gum, problem solved, this will give them a harmless shock
  • (1) ITCHING POWDER -Sprinkle a little bit down your victim's back and watch them roll around
  • (1) TRICK NAIL -This can make almost any surface look like you have hammered a large nail through it
  • (1) BLOOD CAPSULES -Simply pop of one of these capsules in your mouth,crunch it,and people will think real blood is gushing from your mouth!(4 per pk)
  • (1) BLOODY FACE SOAP -Sprinkle some on a soap and your victim will get redder the more they wash
  • (1) GELLING JOKE -Turns almost any liquid in instant slush
  • (3) FAKE COCKROACH- Made of rubber and scary
  • (1) BUG IN ICE -Place this in a drink to get a disgusting scare
  • (1) 6 inch WHOOPEE CUSHION -Makes fart noises
  • (1) SHOCK HAND BUZZER -Like the traditional hand buzzer, but better and more startling,comes in assorted colors, packaging will vary
  • (1) SNAP GUM- Like a mouse trap for people. Warning CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts,Not for children under 3 years.