Electric Wine Decanter

Save 50%
  • ★Instant Aeration:Experience luscious full-bodied drinks by simply attaching the tap to the bottle and pressing the button for instant aeration. With its dual infusion and suction system, it is able to fully oxidize and aerate your alcoholic beverage all at once
  • ★6x More Surface Area Oxidation:This electric wine aerator provides 6 times more surface area oxidation than your average gravity-injected funnel, thus creating alcoholic drinks that are much smoother full-bodied, and flavorful
  • ★Perfect Pour&Easy Clean:This electric wine aerator dispenses directly into your glass at a rate of 1.2 ounce every 2 seconds and immediately stops upon releasing the button for the perfect pour every time
  • ★Keeps Wine Fresh Longer:The electric wine aerator’s airtight rubber seal prevents air from seeping into the bottle and keeps your wine fresh for longer periods of time