Inflatable Food & Beverage Cooler

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Product Description :

Do you always end up with spoiled food during parties due to scorching temperature, and you don’t want to use that bulky cooler that’s sitting up in the attic? Cool them all with the Inflatable Food & Beverage Cooler.
An eco-friendly, floating food and beverage holder, just dump ice in and you’re set to party!

Features :

Large sized floating cooler - can hold up to 68 soda cans.
Portable food and drink cooler.
Space Saver - just deflate and fold and store it in your kitchen drawers.
Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

It is so easy to use just inflate it, put some ice and place your party food and beverage, and keep them cold and fresh for hours. Don’t keep running to your kitchen just to take out food and beverages, bring the food and drinks to the party with the Inflatable Food & Beverage Cooler.
The Inflatable Food & Beverage Cooler is perfect for hot summer pool parties, you can even let it float on the pool for added pizzazz to your pool party. So keep your party going with fresh food and cold drinks with it.