Self Stirring Mug

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Is finding a clean teaspoon to stir your drink difficult? or are you just feeling lazy in the morning? If you said yes to either of those questions then you need the Self-stirring Mug!

These creative novelty cups have a self-stirring mechanism at the bottom of the mug which will stir your drink like a whirlwind at the push of a button. Let's be real here everyone has had a cup of coffee or hot chocolate that could have used a little extra stirring.  We've all had that thick goop at the bottom of your drink and no one likes that but with, this unique gift it will make sure your drink is mixed thoroughly and properly every time and if not just click the button one more time for a good whirl. 

Make your mornings easier and your drinks more flavorful TODAY! Get your Self-Stirring Mug now before the sale ends!