Wing Flosser-Smart Oral Care

Save 60%


Not flossing enough or not even at all? Is it just too much effort? Well that's about to change

Flossing your teeth has never been easier! The Wing Flossers ability to spring back and forth makes flossing a breeze, no more reaching in your mouth or moving your head to ridiculous angles to get those hard to reach spots. Just aim and click. 

  • Dentist approved! 
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use 
  • Safe with most Oral implants and Braces 

    EASY HANDLING-The innovative form of the Wing flosser offers an easy use.

    HIGH CLEANING POWER- High cleaning power thanks to the use of inter-dental brushes.

    LONG-LASTING BRUSHES-Thanks to the feeler technology, your exchangeable brushes stay fit over time.

    TIME-SAVING CLEANING- Clean faster and more effectively thanks to the new WING FLOSSER handle.

    Ditch the old school floss and try the wing flosser today! This is the next big thing in oral hygiene!